Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning Routine

It is amazing how quickly one can become a "morning person" when one has an infant! Baby wakes up between 4-6 to feed. By that point mama may fall back asleep until the alarm goes off or mama may just stay awake and go about her day. I used to be a "sleep until the very last second- don't bother blow drying my hair- I can grab breakfast from the vending machine" kind of girl. I loved to stay up late (as in past midnight) and sleeping in. With a baby, that schedule changed fast!

My morning routine since returning to work has been: Alarm at 6:00 am. Feed baby for 10 minutes (he's an incredibly fast eater, which is SUCH a blessing). Change diaper and dress baby for the day. Smile with baby (not scheduled) for 5-10 minutes, because baby is extremely happy in the mornings! Shower, dress, makeup, blow dry hair (because with short hair, if it's not blow dried it flips away from my face making me look about 13-years-old). Pass baby off to Daddy who has returned from his morning workout (he has been waking up at 4:45 am, going for a run, going to the gym, and returning home by the time I leave for work so Jack doesn't have to stay in the nursery at the YMCA for 2 hours. What a great Daddy!). Leave for work. At the office, get my morning cup of coffee (only one a day so baby isn't bouncing off the walls!), check my blog feed, check facebook, get to work.

Now I typically do my devotions before bed. I have been wanting to change this to the morning time though. It hasn't happened yet, but it's a goal.

This morning: I am working from home today and tomorrow since Matt will be going to Richmond to MEPS. He is leaving here around 11 so he has had the baby like normal. Some variations to my regular routine: brewed coffee and toasted bagel, ate breakfast at dining room table with laptop, browsed Fox News after blog feed, devotions.

I like this new schedule. Maybe I'll set my alarm for 5 am instead of 6 so I will be able to enjoy a nice leisurely morning before going in to work. Now, that sounds awfully early and means I'll have to go to bed earlier as well. But it was so relaxing. I don't know how relaxing it would be with baby, but I can try it out? He usually sleeps until 6... but if I move him downstairs that may wake him up. Would it be worth it?