Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough love

Nothing worse than listening to your baby cry in the next room. It's feeding time and I'm leaving him with Daddy and a bottle. Next Monday he will no longer have the option to fuss about the bottle until Mommy gives in and lets him nurse. Tomorrow I have to go into the office for a phone conference. Friday I have to go into the office for an event for a couple hours. Baby will need to take a bottle during those times or he will starve.

He has taken a bottle in the past week without fussing and without even dribbling down his chin. So he is able to eat from a bottle. The milk is freshly pumped so I know it's not stale etc. He just prefers to nurse, which makes me feel good, but also will be problematic if he doesn't stop being so particular.

It's very sad to listen to him cry (for 15 minutes now) when I know he just wants me and is hungry. Tough love. I know it'll be far worse next week if we don't get him used to bottles now. I know he'll get hungry enough and eat from the bottle. I know he's not starving since he eats every 2-4 hours. I know he's in good hands with his Daddy.

Sigh. I hope that once I return to work the evenings and weekends will be a special time for Jack and I as we will be able to nurse. I hope that once Matt leaves for Basic Jack won't be too old to nurse (too old by my standards. I don't plan on extended breastfeeding).

He's still fussing a little, but I can tell he's gotten a few good slurps from the bottle. He quieted down for a bit but is fussing again. Just him letting us know that this isn't what he would prefer. Poor baby. I am just thankful that I have a patient husband, a healthy baby, a good milk supply that doesn't need to be supplemented with formula, and a work environment that allows nursing mothers to pump throughout the work day. So many things to be thankful for in this specific situation.