Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day and Chores

As I was feeling extremely under the weather on Sunday, Matt was even more under the weather on Monday, and Matt was gone to MEPS on Tuesday... we celebrated Mother's Day today! 

Last night Jack had kind of a rough night. He was awake for the first half of it and fussing about nothing in particular. I would get him calmed down in one position or another and then after about 3 minutes he would start to fuss again. I think he was overly tired and fighting sleep. Unfortunately, that meant a rough night's sleep for both Mommy and baby. But it's ok. Since we don't have much of a schedule right now (that all changes next week when I return to work, even if it is working from home) we can afford a poor night's sleep. Lots of naps during the day to make up for it.

We did his foot and hand prints on Sunday so they would actually be on Mother's Day. For doing them with an uncooperative baby, I think they turned out pretty well! I will use these for the nursery and hopefully make more prints each year until he's old enough to tell me no! 

This is my wonderful Mother's Day present from Daddy and Jack! I wanted a dressier watch. I planned on looking at Anne Kleins, but Daddy brought me over to the Skagens! Love it. I'll get many years of use out of this, I'm sure! 

Mother's Day picture! It was a bit bright for Jack, but it was such a beautiful day out today. 

He is the best baby. He is more than I every anticipated or hoped for. He has made my entrance into motherhood so easy. It is an absolute joy to be his mother and I hope to grow in motherhood as he grows in life. 

Handsome mister in his Mother's Day outfit. I love it! This was originally supposed to be his coming home from the hospital outfit, but I figured it would be too big then. I was right! It fits just perfect now! 

His new blue loafers were the perfect addition to this outfit. Love them! 

We went to Mi Patron for dinner, my choice. I usually get the Enchiladas Supremas there. They did not disappoint. I also got queso dip to go with our chips and salsa. Amazing. Mi Patron also serves Coke products, so a Sprite was in order. Delish.

We were planning on renting a red box, but both Daddy, Mommy and baby were too tired after dinner! We all came home and took naps.


Chores have been interesting since Jack was born. I created a To Do list and have been checking things off very slowly. I have been meaning to vacuum and mop the floors since we got back from Michigan. Matt vacuumed a little when we first got home, but it was mainly to get up the cat hair and stray litter that had accumulated in our absence. Our floors and bathrooms need a good cleaning still.

I've been pretty consistent with the laundry and dishes, but that's only out of necessity. I could be lazy and get disposable dishes, but I figure if we have nice dishes we should use them. I have to wash Jack's diapers every other day or so. I still try to do our laundry once a week. So far so good.

We picked up our dry cleaning tonight. Uh, yeah. It was almost $150! Let me tell you though, it has been accumulating since we were first married! I think that winter I put the first item in my dry cleaning bag and just kept adding to it as need be. So there was quite a lot of dry cleaning. I honestly forgot I owned half the stuff in that bag! We also go Matt's suit washed for his OCS interview (which is next Thursday. Prayers are definitely appreciated). So, after nearly 4 years (holy cow! It'll be 4 years in 3 weeks!) our dry cleaning is done. I can hardly wait for fall/winter so I can wear my newly washed sweaters!

I feel like our house is "clean enough" even though I've been behind on chores. By "clean enough", I mean that I don't mind having guests over. I'm not too embarrassed by the state of my house. I do need to give everything a good dusting, but I try to keep things at least neat. I may have a pile of things "to be put away" in each room... but it's in a nice pile and not scattered all over the room!

What will life be like when I return to work? I'll have four weeks working from home. Then I'll return to the office. On the one hand, I am excited to be able to wear nice clothes without fear of them getting ruined (unless coffee is spilled on them or something- that would be just my luck). I'm also excited to have time where I don't have to be responsible for Jack every single second. It is such a relief that he will be home with his Daddy as opposed to a different caregiver. On the other hand, I cannot wait for the day I am able to stay home with Jack myself. I'm hoping that I'll be back at work for around 6 months. Less than that would be preferable, but I don't anticipate that happening. More than that would be fine as well. The day I am able to be finished working so I can be home with my baby 24/7 will be one of the best days of my life. Until then, I'll have to learn to sleep, juggle work/baby/husband/chores, find me time, and hopefully get into a regular exercise routine again. Sigh. Seems impossible, no?

All that aside, I absolutely love my life. I have been so blessed and think my life is pretty perfect. This does not mean that everything always go perfectly, but I am so content with how things are. That's a wonderful place to be!