Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to work bah hum

When I was getting close to the end of my pregnancy I brought my work laptop home with me every day... just in case. Well, it's a good thing I did! Baby came 9 days early and I was prepared! I just had to send an email with all my contacts to my boss so she could follow up with them, set my out of office reply, and wait the eight weeks until I returned to work.

Sadly, those eight weeks have come and gone. I am back to work as of today. Thankfully, my three tiers of bosses are incredible and are allowing me to work from home for the next four weeks. I was planning on taking my full 12 weeks of maternity leave off but when they offered for me to do the last month from home I jumped on it! What a blessing considering during this time we've had no income.

With the eight weeks off, though, my computer is in bad need of some software updates. So here I sit, waiting for my computer to finish updating so I can restart and go about my day. I should have known better, but I didn't notice the update notification until about an hour and a half ago. I started work this morning at 6:30 since I was awake with Jack. Of course, eight weeks off also carries a lot of emails to sort through and answer! So I definitely was kept busy all morning. I'm probably about a third of the way through my emails!

While I am so thankful I am able to work from home, it's so hard to hear my baby crying in the other room. This first day back to work has been... trying. Jackson has not taken the transition well. I've had to console him a couple times. Matt does an excellent job of calming him down... but there are times when he just wants his mommy and nothing else. I think he knows that today is different because he normally goes to Matt in the mornings anyways and doesn't fuss. Today, however, it seems like whenever he's awake he's crying. Hopefully these next four weeks can help the transition be smooth for when I'm in the office and can't give him a couple snuggles every couple hours.

The GREAT NEWS: the recruitment coordinator position has been approved! I will moving into that position and we will be hiring a new recruiter to take my place. I am so excited for this opportunity. Not only will it mean I will get to be home with Jack as opposed to traveling (which typically consists of four day trips), but also I feel like I will really thrive in this role. I cannot wait to tackle this new position and get things organized. I am also excited to meet the new recruiter who was hired in my absence and see who will be the final recruiter hired to complete our team.

God has always provided for my little family and I know he will continue to do so. While I would prefer to be home 24/7 with Jack, he has given me this excellent job that pays enough to cover our bills plus some extras. He has given Matt this time to spend with his son before he leaves for training (hopefully) and now he will understand how difficult being a stay-at-home mom is for the future. I am so thankful for this new position! Just another instance where God has provided.

Ok, so updates are almost through. Hopefully my computer will run a little faster after this. Plus, who knows what new gizmos I'll get to play with? Probably not much with the Microsoft updates, but you never know.

I'll be posting Jack's 8 Week update later once I'm finished with work. Since I started early I'll be finished by 2:30! Makes an early work day so worthwhile!