Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meeting Cousin Waverly

When Jackson was 13 days old he was able to meet his Uncle Josh, Aunt Jamie, and cousin Waverly! This was the first time Matt and I were able to meet our beautiful little niece. She was one week shy of 6 months when we met her. 

The Vandegriffs visited Lynchburg since Josh's parents and sister's family live here. Added bonus for us while we reside there as well. Not sure how much longer we'll all be in the area, but it's sure nice for now! 

Waverly loved baby Jack! She couldn't stop looking at him. All of her other cousins are female and older than her. 

Both mommies and the babies out to lunch at The Market at Main.

Our little families out to lunch. It's a little blurry since we had someone else take the picture and it was with my SIL DSLR and some people don't quite know how to operate those... but it's still a generally amazing photo! I have sure been blessed with my in-laws.

Babies chilling at lunch. Waverly is a bit more playful than Jack... but he'll get there someday! You can see his new friend, giraffe in his carseat! Matt and I both independently decided that his favorite diaper/onesie/ and toy were giraffe themed! Strange, since neither of us had any strong liking for giraffes beforehand. We saw this little toy giraffe at the store and knew we had to get it! We're hoping he becomes one of Jack's favorites. We'll wait and let Jack name him himself. 

The siblings with their kids at our house. Waverly looked so big compared to Jack! Love having little babies around! Cannot wait for full family get togethers! (the first of which will be this coming week! Everyone will be in Grand Rapids for Uncle Mark's graduation from college! Such a great weekend to come!)

Waverly loved her Uncle Matt. She was a little fussy after a very long day with lots of new faces, but when Uncle Matt held her she calmed right down. What a pretty girl! Seriously, Ivesons make the BEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL babies!

I kept trying to get a picture of Waverly's little smile. She was bouncing on her daddy and I snapped this one. She is such a Daddy's girl (in both appearance and personality!)!

She was so interested in her little baby cousin. Cannot wait for when they are a little bit older and can truly interact with each other. We're all hoping that next summer we can have a family vacation on Lake Michigan. So much fun with little toddlers running around! 

I am so thankful that Jack has a cousin close to his age. My sisters have kids who are ages almost 11, almost 10, almost 8, 7.5, and 2.5. One of my sisters may decide to add a fourth child to her family, but if not then my kids will continue to be the youngest. Thankfully, the other kids love having little cousins! But, I am super glad that on the Iveson side of the family Jack (and his future sibs) will have cousins closer to their ages. I was the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family and it wasn't super fun at family get togethers. 

We had a lovely weekend with family visiting. Cannot wait for my in-laws to get into town on Wednesday! Jack can't wait to meet his GrandPops and Grammie!