Saturday, February 18, 2012


Many times today I have thought it was Sunday. I was then distraught that nothing I wanted to accomplish this weekend happened. Then I would realize it was Saturday still and give me hope.

Matthew and I woke up "early" (for me on a Saturday) and headed to the gym. I think this was my third time at the gym during this pregnancy. I normally just don't have the time or desire to go. But every once in awhile I miss my tennis shoes! So I did a nice little workout and it's amazing how different things are while pregnant. Funny, I went once in the first trimester and things weren't that different. I was trying to follow dr.'s orders at the gym and keep my heart rate low. I later read this is unnecessary as long as I don't over exert myself and keep to my normal routine. I went the second time in my second trimester. This time I did things as I normally would, but figured out real fast that I needed to slow down on my cardio, cut out my abdominal work, and say goodbye to some of the weight machines. This third time I am in my third trimester. I decided to "take it easy" and go at whatever pace felt ok. I didn't go too horribly slowly, but it I still did less in 30 minutes of cardio than I used to do in 20 pre-pregnancy. But, that's ok. I still felt energized and just the right amount of strained. Did only two of my leg exercises and then headed to do arms with free weights and stretch. Oh stretching! I love stretching. It's difficult with a big ole belly though! Gets in the way when I'm trying to touch my toes. Baby was pretty calm during the workout. I'm glad I went. I might try to go more often... but we'll see how that works out.

Came home, nice hot shower to ease my muscles, had lunch, finished a movie Matt and I had started last night. Nap time! By this time my body was more exhausted from the workout. I needed to just rest. Thankfully, most of my aches from pregnancy had been lessened by the workout! My limbs felt much more loose and "normal". Well, let's just say that I've always taken long naps... today was no exception. Good solid sleep is something I should cherish now though. I hear it'll be hard to come by in a matter of months!

I want to be sure to rearrange Jackson's room so the furniture is settled and I can add some decor. I wanted to do some crafts for his nursery today and I never got to the store for the materials. It's College for a Weekend at Liberty... so I try to stay away from that side of town as much as possible! Maybe next weekend I'll finish those crafts. I plan to eat some dinner, watch something relaxing, and then try to move the furniture. Thankfully, it's all fairly lightweight so it shouldn't be a problem. If I encounter difficulties I'm not stubborn enough to wait until Matthew gets home from work for help. I have started being extremely careful when it comes to managing the belly. Slow to go up or down stairs, careful footing in general, testing weight limits for boxes etc. Don't want preterm labor or any other issues going on down there!

We went and picked up some baby gear the other day. The goal was to get a crib mattress. I've mentioned previously how obnoxious the "Babies R Us" is in Lynchburg. It's actually non-existent. It is a corner of the Toys R Us. They had about 5 mattresses... and they were all overly pricey. So, I guess that's another online purchase for us! I'll wait for my textbooks to be officially bought back (it normally takes about a week to be processed after I've mailed them in) and then order the mattress with that money. Annoying though. So we bought some crib liners (don't want little leaks to ruin the mattress!), closet organizers that divide the baby clothes by size, hangers, and wipes. We hadn't bought any wipes before and I figured we should begin to stockpile. I got one box for downstairs with the pack n play and then a bag of wipes for the heated holder we got at a shower that will go on his changing table. Don't want to go overboard on the wipes, but we'll probably get a few more bags of refills before he comes. Not sure how often we'll want to go out to buy more in those first few weeks!

Man, this post was not going to be about the baby. But it's so true that once you become a parent it's hard to think of things other than your kids! I consider myself a parent now. Some people say "I can't wait to be a mommy" while their little one is growing in their womb. Since I believe life is created at conception, I believe that my child is unique and living now. Now doubt about that when he's gets some sugar in his system and he kick kick kicks! I am already a mom and Matt is already a dad. We have been blessed for the past 8 months with a child to care for. It has already been a huge responsibility as we're had to change our lifestyles to accommodate pregnancy. Of course, our lifestyles will change even more once baby is living outside of me... but we've already begun the process of parenting. I consider it an honor. And terrifying. But I hope the next 6.5 weeks go by quickly! I'm ready for stage 2!

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