Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Another dream post:

Matt heard something downstairs around 6 am. He came into my room and got the gun from my night stand. (Yes, I have a gun in my night stand, just in case) I startled awake asking what he was doing. Our laundry room door likes to pop open. The cats proceed into this room (since it's something new) and get behind the washer to make all kinds of noise. I hadn't heard anything. Then Matt proceeded to try to close the door solidly. You have to pull the handle up after you close it to keep it shut. Apparently this tactic was not working well.

Once he came back upstairs I fell back asleep. Apparently this wake up call wasn't welcome because I quickly had two dreams in succession.

First dream: I had woken up and gotten in the shower to get ready. There was another girl in there too. At the time I knew who she was, but I can't remember now. We were going about our regular routine when I started scrubbing my hair with my loofah brush. Now, this brush isn't one of those soft loofahs. It's coarse bristles. I had put my shampoo on the brush, but then scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed my hair. The girl was looking at me strangely, like she was wondering what I was doing. It seemed perfectly normal in the dream. I wonder why I felt my hair was so dirty?

Second dream: I was at my sister's. I had been babysitting the boys, but she was home and for some reason I needed to take a shower. I asked if there was one I could use. (while I was at her house, it was not her actual house) She told me I could use the one in her room. So I went through her bedroom and into the bathroom (which strangely enough was the same format as my parents' old bedroom/bathroom from the Oak Ridge Trail house. we moved from that house when I was 7). When I entered the bathroom it was the most amazing bathroom ever! There were a couple mini pools to lounge in with computer stations that moved with the water so they could not get splashed. There was a bar area (not surrounded by water) where you could place whatever orders you wanted. There was a typical bath tub and shower as well. I had to do something strange (like pull an assortment of ropes etc) to get the water to turn on... and then the entire room started flooding! There were bubbles appearing from some areas while water trickled down the walls. The entire room became a giant pool. I pushed another button and the water receded and it was all back to normal. Interesting.

So, in both dreams I was washing. Maybe I felt dirty? Maybe I was anticipating my alarm going off soon? Maybe I was thinking about our childbirth class from the previous night (definitely enough to make me want to bathe and get all nice and clean!).

Interesting how dreams work.

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