Wednesday, December 07, 2011

23 Weeks

Weekly Update!

23 Weeks! That means that next week is 6 months! Amazing how the time has flown. Even now when it has seemed to be going slowly. Baby is growing growing growing!

Here is my 22 Week picture since I never posted it. It's my favorite so far. And this might be my favorite preggo outfit! I love the purple shirt- it's waffle knit and comfy. These are my new skinny jeans. I like them for numerous reasons: they are my first pair of skinny jeans and I LOVE them! I plan to purchase more pairs post baby, they are from The Gap so they fit amazingly, they are a size 0 (my normal size)- which is good for my self esteem.

Week 23 picture. Not my favorite. I had to set the self timer since Matt wasn't home. I had very little sleep last night because Jackson decided to have a mosh pit in my tummy last night. Made me feel icky. A long day at work. A strong rain storm that drenched me when I left work and walked to my car. Ick. But I'm wearing normal pants in one size bigger than normal. Not too bad.

We took this picture for Christmas cards. I'll post the actual card once we mail it out. My husband sure is handsome, isn't he? I mean, really, how can Jack not be adorable adorable?

My growing collection of cloth diapers! I have more and will soon have many more. The top are one sized Bum Genius 4.0's. The middle are Blueberry newborns (seriously, how cute?). The bottom are Fuzzi Bunz size XS. While all of these have inserts, they are less expensive than the all in ones. I'm all about cheaper. And if I'll be home all day then I'll have plenty of time to do the laundry with the three cycle necessary.

Matt's birthday present from Jackson! It's actually a toy for Jackson, but I'm sure Daddy will play with him! Baby's first light saber! There's a rattle in it!

Preggo updates: no stretch marks yet, but I can't imagine my skin getting any thinner! It's so tight now! It's actually painful sometimes. But I still have a lot of growing to do. Hopefully lotions will help with elasticity and marks! I think my hips have begun to loosen, or whatever it is they do. My dad thinks that's why every once in awhile my hip will hurt when I'm walking or going down the stairs. I guess that's a good thing? Easier delivery, right? The back pains and chest pains have begun. Oh Jackson, the pains you'll put Mommy through in the months to come! He's just gonna get bigger and stronger. I better prepare myself! It seems like a cruel joke that preggos can't use hot tubs. That would sure help with the hips, back, and chest. I know I mentioned this before, but I really can't stand when I feel like I have to pee real bad and then the littlest trickle of pee comes out. Makes me have to go to the restroom every half hour at least, sometimes more often! I'll never take the ability to empty my entire bladder at one time for granted again! Baby has developed definite sleeping patterns! The first few hours of my work day and around dinner time when I just get home baby sleeps. In between and during the night baby has a good ole party in my uterus! He kicks and punches and recently has begun "running around". It feels like he's throwing himself against one side, then he's immediately on the other side, then he kicks the bottom, then he punches the top... all within 15 seconds. Seriously, Jackson?

Aversions and Cravings: Not much. I still go through Apple Raspberry juice like no one's business. It is delish. The only thing that I've wanted is... a gingerbread martini! I'm not normally a drinker, I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've had a drink. So I definitely don't miss alcohol. But... Matt and I went out to eat and there was an ad for their gingerbread martini. Yum-my. I love gingerbread everything and about two months before baby I found out I like martinis! What a shame. But, it's ok. I don't plan to consume alcohol during pregnancy, while nursing, or while trying to conceive baby number 2... so... by the time I can consider alcohol again I probably just won't even care.

Speaking of baby number 2... I really hope to have the first two back to back. Crazy, I know. But how fun would that be? Let's hope that the year we spent trying to conceive Jackson was my hormones getting rid of the birth control. I can't decide if I want two boys in a row (best buddies?) or a girl next. I mean, it would be nice to have one of each... but I like the idea of boys close in age. Oh how plans change! I never thought I would be excited for one boy, let alone two boys! Watch, I'll end up with a house full of boys!

Can't wait to get home to Michigan! Tomorrow, Friday, then Michigan! Woot!

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