Friday, May 07, 2010

Free Time

The closer it gets, the less excited I am about giving up my free time for grad school. I am excited to be in class again, and since I'm only allowed to take one course at a time it won't be too stressful. I'm sure once it actually begins I will enjoy it immensely. I miss learning and studying and school. Truly I do. I just wish I didn't have to do that along with working full time. It was so much easier when I was just in full time school and didn't have to worry about work... or money... or bills.

Speaking of which, this move has helped me simplify my life! And pocketbook. I have canceled any credit cards I do not currently use or will not be using in the future. I have left open my Kay Jewelers card, you know, just in case. My Sears card and Macy's card will remain open for future appliance and cute clothes shopping. Plus they have the highest credit limits in case there is ever an emergency. So those are the only credit cards still open. I had entirely too many before. Entirely. Matt and I rarely use credit cards anyways. Since we've been married I've used them maybe 3 times! And each time I paid them off before the first month was completed! I only used them to get discounts in store. Such a nice benefit! Nice.

I will miss being able to watch a full disc of LOST at night or sitting in bed reading for 3 hours in the evenings. I'll be able to read in bed... but it will be big, chunky expensive Counseling textbooks. Can I just tell you also, textbooks are expensive! I always knew they were when I would buy them previously... but Daddy was buying back then! Stink. At least most of my classes are the ones Matt has to take also. Like he said, "At least it's $400 and not $800!". That's for our first set of classes. Not even for the full semester, just our first 2 classes! Stink. Oh well, by next December we'll be all done.

I have another long day today. Working 9-9. Not fun. But at least I'll earn 3 more hours of comp time. So When my parents come to visit at the end of the month I'll come in to work for 2 hours, go home, and they'll most likely be here! The week they're coming I also have a day off anyways since I'm scheduled to work Saturday. So it'll be a nice little visit. Hopefully we'll also get a larger, better bed! Yay!

Lunch is almost over. And I still have 5.5 hours left of work. Double, triple, quadruple stink.

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