Saturday, September 06, 2008

And I had vainly hoped a sore throat wouldn't befall me until winter. And since winter comes later in Virginia than in Michigan, I was hoping the typical chilly illness would pass me altogether. No such luck. I have spent a miserable night, morning, and afternoon couped up and trying to heal by Monday for school. It's a good thing I didn't take a weekend job I was considering. That would be entirely too much. A body needs some down time in the work week. I have been drinking lots of hot tea, orange juice, and water. I also have some tasty Halls cough drops and two new bottles of Vitamin C which will hopefully strengthen my immune system for any further mishaps this school year. I don't think I'll be in the teaching industry for much longer. My love for social work has been rekindled. I am eagerly anticipating this coming summer when I will hopefully be back in school of my own (yes, I actually miss having homework and research papers!) and in a nice office position somewhere until my Masters is complete. Don't get me wrong, working at St. Johns is fun and the children are wonderful, but I am not cut out for full time child care. I am much more suited for social work in one way or another.

I am seriously considering trying to get a job for an agency's newsletter team or a publishing house that works with social work. I'm not sure how to go about this, but it is a good dream to have for now. I guess that means I should work on being published now while I'm just beginning so I'll have some sort of portfolio. I have a lot of random articles and case studies etc. I have written up in classes, but none were real or official. Just something to turn in for a grade based on fictional characters. I've never been published before. I don't even know where to begin! But at least I have something to aim at. I always wanted to be a journalist. My degree says I can be a free lance journalist... odd since all the rest of the career options listed are social work based. God is leading though, and I shall continue to follow.

Reading Anne of Green Gables has inspired me even more. She had such great imagination and wrote her fiction and her adventures but also told tales of Avonlea and daily life. I hope to start a collection of my own and maybe someone somewhere will think it good. I can only but try. I have to get my beginning somewhere. I really messed up by passing up the yearbook and newspaper opportunities I had. I could have worked on both during highschool and college and I wanted to, but generally only coms majors got the positions. I started as a coms major but switched halfway through my first year. I still could have tried out and possibly made it. I always had a flair with the pen and the camera. I could have put my services to good use and started a portfolio right then and there. Well well, opportunities passed are nothing to dwell on for too long. I'll just have to search for new opportunities.

I'm off for another evening of being a couch bunny, watching lots of Gilmore Girls, and reading Anne of Avonlea.

Rebecca Iveson

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